Chester River Casting Co-op


Chester River Casting was started in 2005. After conversations between Pat Burke, Steven Jones, Mare Schumann, and Lincoln Mudd revealed that all four shared a common interest in the role casting can play in contemporary sculpture they decided to work together to create a place where they could cast. What has been born is a medium scale bronze and aluminum foundry on a farm by the Chester River. It acts as a mini retreat where the artists and friends gather for casting and collaboration. Guest artists and local artisans add to the mix of people that participate in pours about ten weekends each year.

Chester River Casting continues to grow. With the completion of a Cupola for melting iron expected this summer, and plans in the works for a larger bronze foundry we will soon be taking full advantage of our recently completed bridge crane.

Chester River Casting is also special because of its utilization of scrap metal from Infinity Recycling, a business started by artist Mare Schumann and her husband Ford in the 1970's. By using local scrap metal, Chester River Casting is able to create sculpture at a fraction of the cost of most art foundries.

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